Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

Amazing Gracie
Lambeau is named after Lambeau Field,
home of the Green Bay Packers

Writers often  speak about the loneliness of the job—and it can be. It’s true at the end of my writing day, I am ready for some human interaction but not because I was alone all day—no way. With two 70 pound canines jockeying for my attention, I am NEVER alone. Each morning Gracie and Lambeau troop down the stairs into my office and plop down on a big dog   bed in  the corner or under my desk. 

After a good two hours Gracie is still snoring with abandon. Lambeau is getting restless and starts to troll the room for a scrap of anything to entertain himself.  He nudges open a closet door and hits pay dirt--a shopping bag filled with gift wrap.  There are three ways I can play this. If I ignore him, he will chew up the paper and make a mess. If I confront him, he will launch  into his “let’s play” mode and gallop full tilt up the stairs, chewing as fast and furiously as he can until I catch up with him. Today I am not in the mood to play, so I take the “let’s reason with the dog” route.  Never leaving my comfortable chair, I tell Lambeau if he leaves the paper alone and is good until lunch time, he can go swimming after he eats. He smiles at me as only Labs can do. We have a deal.

Almost like clock work at 1pm Gracie wakes up from her nap and lets us know she is ready for her lunch.  Within seconds Lambeau joins her relentless efforts to rouse me and I have no choice but to give in.  Once Gracie was burrowing under my elbow to remind me it was time to eat and deleted an entire paragraph it had taken me almost an hour to get right—lesson learned--no delaying lunch. The three of us trot up the stairs—my first exercise of the day—and I fix their kibble and make myself a fruit smoothie.

I shudder when I see the thermometer hovering at a sultry 97 degrees. Oblivious, Lambeau entertains himself, poking his nose into all kinds of mischief  while I  fill up his pool. It seems Gracie is missing the “I love the water” gene that most Labs have and prefers to stay inside and lay on top of an air conditioning vent.  

After recess is over I dry Lambeau off as much as possible  and we all head back downstairs for an afternoon of work for me,  naps for them. Usually around 6pm my husband arrives home from work. The second Lambeau and Gracie hear him  they are off like a shot upstairs and I am officially “off” dog duty.

And so goes a  typical dog day of summer at my house. If you have a pet story you would like to share, I'd love to read it. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Christy McKee

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