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Meet Author Lexi Ryan
Author of both contemporary and paranormal romance, Lexi Ryan writes smart, spunky stories that sizzle. She enjoys reading, sunshine, a good glass of wine, and rare trips to the beach with her husband and children.
Lexi lives in Indiana where she divides her time between her family, her writing, and her job as an English professor.
The Giveaway
Lexi is awarding a "pamper your inner sex goddess" gift basket (bath products, books from her backlist and candles - US ONLY) to one randomly drawn commenter, and a $25 Amazon or B&N gift card, winner's choice, to another randomly drawn commenter during the tour.
The Blurb

Promotions director Reese Regan isn’t a sex goddess and doesn’t want to be. But the job of her dreams requires enrollment in the renowned Sex Goddess 101. To avoid a trip to the unemployment line, Reese must pass the program and become Chicago’s next seductress—or at least fake it convincingly. Her best friend, the ruggedly sexy contractor Ben Hawk, helps her “fake” her way through the program, and the heat between them flares. When trust is broken and secrets are revealed, it appears they’ve traded years-long friendship for temporary passion. Will faking something so important cost them their chance at something real?

A Delicious Taste
“Me? A Sex Goddess? Seriously, can you picture that?”
You have no idea. “Fake it,” he said with a shrug. When she scowled, he grabbed her hands and squeezed. “I’m serious, Reese. It’s five steps, right?”
“Okay, so you’ll do ten things, pretend you’re one of her Slut Hotness converts, and you’ll have the job of your dreams.” He shrugged again. “Fake it.”
She took a deep breath and some of the tension left her face. “Are you sure you’re not just saying this so you can see me wear skimpy clothes?”
“It’s an added bonus.”
She sighed and leaned her head against his shoulder. “Thank you, Ben.”
Ben shut his eyes and resisted the urge to pull her body close. “Sure thing.”
Tucking his chin, he buried his nose in her hair, taking a hit of her scent, that soft and feminine smell that haunted him.
She drew away. “You seem different lately. Is something wrong?”
“Work stuff is getting to me.” And it was the truth, if only part of it. “I have big plans and dad—” He cut himself off with a shake of his head. He didn’t want to talk about Hawk Construction right now. He didn’t want to talk about anything. He wanted to keep her in his arms for as long as he could get away with it.
She studied him silently for a minute. “You want more,” she said simply.
She had no idea. And for the first time since he had knocked on her door six years ago, Ben let himself consider the possibility of taking what he wanted.

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Christy McKee said...

Welcome Lexi! So happy to have you here with us today.


Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thank you for hosting today.

M_Nark said...

Sounds like such a funny, sexy story. I'm a fan of "What Not to Wear", and I could see something like this happening IRL.

mnark111 AT gmail DOT com

Leanne Gagnon said...

Great excerpt! I'd really like to read this book. Hope your all having a good week :) leanne_gag(at)hotmail(dot)com

Lexi Ryan said...

Good morning, everyone! Christy, thank you so much for hosting today's stop! :)

The college where I work is sending me to leadership training today and tomorrow. Today is 14hrs, no phone, no computer, so I won't be able to check in again until late tonight. I don't remember the last time I went that long without an internet connection, so say a little prayer for me! :) This training has a reputation for being intense and life changing. Have any of you done anything like that? I feel a bit like Reese did as we prepared herself for Sex Goddess Bootcamp!

Lexi Ryan said...

MNark, I love WNTW! It's such a fun show! And I tried to make this makeover program as realistic as that one. :)

Leanne, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by today!

Mary Preston said...

That is indeed a delicious taste thank you.


Lana A said...

A leadership training? What does it all entail? You'll have to tell us if it was a life changing experience :)

anzuazura AT yahoo DOT de

MomJane said...

I do believe in makeovers. This one sounds fun.

Gala said...

I haven't gone to one, but it sounds exiting, I hope you'll tell us about your experience?


Christy McKee said...

I have been on the consultant side of leadership training. The company I worked for held three day/nights of training in the north Georgia mountains. It was a "break you down" and "build you back up program" that really was life changing for the participants. It included coming back down a mountain in the dark and having to depend on each other to hold hands and assist the people who needed help. No flashlights allowed. I was the marketing person and attended a few so I would have first hand knowledge about just what we were selling.

Lyra L7 said...

Wow, that sounds brutal, though I don't really see the leadership part in it....

lyra.lucky7 at gmail dot com

Ingeborg said...

Sounds like a fun read.


Emiliana25 said...

I hope it wasn't too bad for you, a whole day without internet or phone how did you survive? :D


Ami said...

Fabulous excerpt! I hope the training wasn't too hard on you?

shadowrunner1987 at gmail dot com

Anas said...

Haven't been to one myself, but I'm curious if you had the same training as Christy.


Lexi Ryan said...

Good evening, everyone! I had a long and emotional day (my eyes literally hurt from crying...but no worries, they were mostly happy, inspired tears). I'm going to try to get to bed since day 2 is tomorrow (though only 10 hours this time, thankfully). There were definitely no mountains, Christy, but that sounds very cool! :)

Mary--thank you! I appreciate you stopping by!

Lana--This particular leadership training is a lot about figuring out what motivates you and determining what change you want to see in the world. LOTS of interacting and being critiqued, but lots of great energy too. It will be interesting to see what day 2 holds. :)

MomJane--Makeovers can be a lot of fun, can't they? Thanks for stopping by today!

Gala--It is very cool. I feel honored that my college chose me as one of the participants.

Lyra--Thanks for coming by! It does sound tough, doesn't it? I think these things can be effective in many different forms, though. :)

Ingeborg--Hi! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Emiliana--IT WAS SO TOUGH! I'm attached to my phone, so it wasn't easy. To make it more challenging, my other hot contemporary romance, TEXT APPEAL is in the top 100 in Kindle and Nook today (by some miracle, THANK YOU to my awesome readers), so no internet meant I couldn't watch how it was doing! :) Alas, I survived! Thanks for stopping by!

Ami--It was intense, but in a good way, I think. So glad you enjoyed the excerpt!

Anas--Nope, it's definitely a different training. We were inside all day, but it was still taxing in its own way. Thanks for coming by today!

I really appreciate you all stopping by and thank you for your patience since I was unable to respond to comments during the day. You're all awesome! :)

Christy McKee said...


It was a pleasure having you today. You are one busy lady. I hope you enjoy day #2 of your leadership training.

bn100 said...

Fun excerpt.


Linda Henderson said...

I'd love to sign up for the sex goddess class, it sure sounds like fun. I like the friends to lovers angle and I really can't wait to read this story.

seriousreader at live dot com

June M. said...

I can't wait to read this book...must get a few books read from my TBR pile so I won't feel guilty about buying more, lol :)
manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

Ellen Thompson said...

This book just sounds better and better. I will definitely be reading it soon.

thompsonem3 at aol dot com