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What Better Way to Celebrate
Valentine's Day than with a Little Romance
"For the Love of Sarah"
by Hazel Statham

Straight out of the box  I knew today's guest was a person of excellent character. She is, after all,  the  proud owner of a yellow Lab named Mollie. I have raised three yellow Labs in the last twenty years--Hannah, Emma and now Lambeau and know that these lovable, loyal and often laughable dogs attract a special kind of owner who appreciates their unique personalities. Now down to business. 
Hazel's Mollie
Hazel Statham began writing at the age of fifteen, finally committing to paper the stories she spun as a child. Writing has been her passion ever since, although marriage, motherhood, and career left time for little else. Once she retired, however, she was able to devote herself to writing full-time, publishing her first novel in 2007. A long time student of history, she writes mainly in the Regency and Georgian eras, though she has been known to dabble in the medieval as well. She lives in Staffordshire, England, with her husband, Terry, and their beloved yellow Labrador, Mollie. Hazel loves to hear from her readers and promises to answer all mail.

The Blurb

How many times can a heart be broken?  How many times can love be denied?  Sarah and Alexander were destined for each other but after just four short weeks of marriage, their lives were torn asunder.
Alexander, Earl of Thorne thought he had found his ideal mate but, when Sarah absconded shortly after their marriage, his world came crashing down.  Now, five years later, he discovers her in a remote Yorkshire village.
Sarah had thought she was safe, but when, severely injured in a freak accident, her husband is thrust once more into her life, she fears her dark secrets and the fact she has a son, will become known. 
Despite her own desperate longings, she continually repudiates Alexander’s efforts of reconciliation. However, fate conspires against her, and when her home is made uninhabitable by floods, she and her young son are forced to accept his aid and return to her former home.
Discovery threatens and, despite her breaking heart, she plans to leave Alexander’s life.  What is this secret that makes it so imperative that she should abscond from him yet again?  Can two broken hearts cleave and emerge victorious or will life's cruel forces tear them apart forever? 
And Here's a Taste...

“There is no man with whom I live. I am thought to be a widow by the villagers.”
“A widow? By God, you would feel so, in fact, if I were able to leave this accursed bed. He would find no place to be safe from me!”
“There is no one,” she cried, her voice rising to the verge of tears.
“Then he has left you,” stated the earl, coldly. “Taken what he desired and left you to bear the consequences alone. Or did he discover your duplicitous nature and decide he would not play the fool to your deception?”
“My nature is not at all as you suppose, sir. I merely fell prey to a circumstance that has blighted my life.”
“Infidelity and desertion are definitely circumstances that blight your life, and those who are associated with you. When I sought your brother, it was reported that he had gone to India. Even your grandfather is in ignorance of your whereabouts. I thought you may have flown to him, but when I looked for you there, he had no more information than I and the poor man is desperate for knowledge of you.”
And if he should have that knowledge, he would disown me and his life would be in ruin. “It is best that you and he should forget my existence. I have built a new life far removed from your world.”
“You are still my wife, Sarah!”

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My chat with the lovely Hazel Statham
1.       Author name or pen name. If writing under a pen name, why did you choose this particular name? 
I write under my own name of Hazel Statham – it never occurred to me to use a pen name. I wanted it to be my name on the cover of the book.
       2.   When did you tell your family and friends that you were a  writer? How did telling them
              make you feel? 
It wasn’t something I talked a lot about until recently.  Immediate family knew that I wrote but I think they thought it was just a hobby.  Well, to be honest, I suppose that’s what I thought it was too until a lecturer/writer friend persuaded me to submit to a publisher.  Before I did, however, I asked my daughter to read through the manuscript I thought of submitting and she took it home with her.  Late that night I got an excited phone call, “Mum, it’s great, it’s like a real, book!”  Now, seven published books later, I think everyone has accepted I write real books and they take my ‘hobby’ a little more seriously.
3.       What would your grandmother think if she met the hero in your book?
I don’t really know as I never met either of my grandmothers, but I hope they would have liked and admired him.  He has many good qualities.  
4.       What is the most romantic thing a man/partner has ever done for you?
To be honest, my husband hasn’t got a romantic bone in his body but to me the most wonderful thing he has ever said was when, twenty years ago, I became unable to work due to becoming disabled, he said, “You have looked after us for twenty-three years, now it’s my turn to look after you.”  And he has cared for me ever since (he even does the ironing, which in my eyes, is extremely heroic).

      5.      If you were planning a seductive dinner in front of a crackling fire, what would you
              serve?  How would you serve it? What would you wear?
Ssssh – don’t tell anyone, but when we were newly married, I served a meal in nothing but a floor-length lace shawl – food?   What food???
6.      Clothing is an important part of each scene. A low cut tank top sparks more male appreciation than a conservative button down, rolled up sleeve shirt. From a male perspective, compare the two opposites I mentioned above or choose your own for comparison.
I write Traditional Regency and Georgian romance and go with the mores of the day.  It appears a forbidden glimpse of a well-turned ankle did more to enflame a man’s passions, no matter how low cut the fashionable neckline. 
7.      Besides being unfaithful, what quality in a manno criminal actswould be a deal   breaker?  Why?
 Cruelty, in any shape or form, be it to animals or people.
8.      Do either your heroine or hero have a vice  (drugs, chocolate, expensive jewelry, cigarettes, etc.)?  How important is it to the story?
 Nope, not a one!  Sorry, but this is fiction we’re talking about :-)
9.      You’ve been dating Mr. Practically Alright for a month. He’s been to your house several times. Finally, he asks you over to his place to meet someone who is important to him. You are thinking it’s a child or perhaps his visiting mother. Wrong. It’s a big Labrador retriever who puts his paws on your shoulders and washes your carefully air brushed face from ear to ear. The biggest dog you’ve ever been around was the size of a meatloaf. What are the first words out of your mouth? If your date doesn’t offer antibacterial face wipes and saysby the way—Fido sleeps with him every night,  what’s your next move?
Having owned Labradors and Golden Retrievers for almost thirty years, I would feel right at home (lovely dogs)!  Don’t wear makeup so no problem their either.  The only problem is that I fall over easily so Mr. Practically Alright would have to be able to pick me up :-)  
10.   In your work, regardless of genre, do you consider the environment and do you exhibit an awareness of practices that can make a difference?  It could be something as simple as motion activated lights or lights on timers.
Everything was more or less environmentally friendly in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in which I write but I agree it is something that needs to be considered in the present day world.
11.   Do you think readers would embrace a heronot a struggling artist, sculptor or writerwho earns only a fraction of what the heroine earns?  Please explain.
Personally, I don’t see a problem with this, but I suppose it all depends on the reader’s values.  Salaries are not always commensurate to the value of the work or the person.  Contrary to popular belief, money does not make the man.
12.   Congratulations, your book has just been optioned by movie producer. Of course you’ll be a consultant to the casting director. Who would you chose to play your heroine?  Hero? What song would you pick for your soundtrack? And since you’ve convinced the powers to be that you must write the screenplay, what will you be wearing to the Academy Awards to accept your Oscar for best screenplay? Include jewelry!
Richard Armitage would definitely suit the hero’s role but I find the heroine difficult to define  (perhaps someone who has read the book might care to make a suggestion?)  Music is sadly not  my forte either, the only song that springs to mind is I Will Always Love You which is true of both  my characters and it’s only the secrets  that keep them apart.  For the awards, it would  have to be a simple, long fishtail dress of midnight blue with diamond and sapphire jewelry.
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Good interview - I always like to get to know the person behind the book. I love the picture of Molly - I had a black lab and they are such great dogs! For Love of Sarah sounds really good and I've added it to my reading list - love a good historical romance - cut my reading teeth on them:)

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Hi Maria, Great to meet yet another lover of Labs. As you say, they're great dogs. Of course, it's an added bonus that you are an Historical Romance fan too. :-) Definitely a girl after my own heart.

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