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Virtual Book Tour for BROKEN

Rachel Hanna is a best-selling author of romance novellas and novels. She lives outside of Atlanta with her husband, three cool kids, two crazy dogs and one very snooty outdoor cat. She loves to write, read, spend time with family and embarrass her kids as much as possible.

She also LOVES to connect with her readers through various social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to check out her website for ways to connect!
The blurb...
When twenty-four year old Bella Clay experiences yet another major loss in her life, she is forced to come home and become a young, single mother to her seven year old nephew. No one in the small town of Madison Falls knows just how damaged she is, and they certainly don't know her dirty little secret about where she's been for the last two years.
Grant Brady is the local hunk who works as the elementary school PE and history teacher. When he takes an interest in helping Bella start over in Madison Falls, she tries to push him away afraid that he will find out her dark secrets. What she doesn't know is that Grant has a secret of his own.
Will love prevail or will one or both of them run for the hills out of fear?
This book is a novella, so you can enjoy it in just one day! :)
And now for a taste...
“You should never be judged for that, Bella. You couldn’t help that. I think you’re too hard on yourself.”
“Oh, really? I don’t think I’m hard enough on myself.”
“Why do you want to punish yourself?” he asked.
“Who says I’m punishing myself?” It was getting way too real for Bella.
“It’s obvious, Bella. You deserve good things. A good life. People who love you…”
“I’ve made some big mistakes in my life, Grant. You have no idea who you’re talking to. I don’t deserve nearly as much as you think.”
“Have you murdered someone?”
“Of course not.”
“Then you deserve whatever kind of second chance you need. End of story. Now come on…” he said as he took her empty cup and threw it away. Grabbing her hand, he pulled her down the sidewalk and into the pavilion that was blaring with music. Without warning, Grant pulled her close and started dancing with her. Thankfully, the music was fast, and she was a pretty good dancer. They laughed as they danced, and for once Bella felt like her real world was miles away.
A Sit Down with Rachel... 


1.       Author name or pen name. If writing under a pen name, why did you choose this particular name?  Rachel Hanna

2.           When did you tell your family and friends that you were a writer? How did telling them make you feel?  * My family has always known I was a writer. I've been writing in some form or fashion since I was 7 years old (and I just turned 40 last year, shhhh.....) I used to drive my normally private mother crazy writing letters to the editor of our local newspaper when I was in middle school. I always had an opinion!

3.       What would your grandmother think if she met the hero in your book? * My grandmother is a bit more flamboyant than most of the family, so she'd probably like my heroes and want to date them herself!

4.       What is the most romantic thing a man/partner has ever done for you? *  When my husband met me, we worked at the same place. I was dating someone else at the time, but attracted to my now husband. My cable TV wasn't working correctly (and he worked in that field) so while I was at work, he brought one of his workers and they scaled up the back of my condo and climbed on the balcony and fixed my cable when I wasn't home.
5.       If you were planning a seductive dinner in front of a crackling fire, what would you serve?  How would you serve it? What would you wear? * I would serve some kind of Italian food because that always makes me think of romance for some reason. If I wanted a little more romance that evening, I might serve it while wearing some sexy lingerie. :)
6.       Clothing is an important part of each scene. A low cut tank top sparks more male appreciation than a conservative button down, rolled up sleeve shirt. From a male perspective, compare the two opposites I mentioned above or choose your own for comparison.  * Most of my readers are women, so I'm not sure the same can be said for them. Depending upon how you write something, a man wearing a buttoned up suit can be made to be as sexy as one wearing a cowboy hat and little else. For a man, certainly short skirts and lower cut tops are going to be more attractive, even as a description.
7.       Besides being unfaithful, what quality in a manno criminal actswould be a deal breaker? Why? * For me, a deal breaker is disrespect because I think  most of the dealbreaking ACTS come from disrespect. If you have respect, real respect, for your partner, you will go above and beyond NOT to do things to hurt them. It covers most of the bases.
8.       Do either your heroine or hero have a vice  (drugs, chocolate, expensive jewelry, cigarettes, etc.)?  How important is it to the story? * So far, none of my stories really have these vices.
9.       You’ve been dating Mr. Practically Alright for a month. He’s been to your house several times. Finally, he asks you over to his place to meet someone who is important to him. You are thinking it’s a child or perhaps his visiting mother. Wrong. It’s a big Labrador retriever who puts his paws on your shoulders and washes your carefully air brushed face from ear to ear. The biggest dog you’ve ever been around was the size of a meatloaf. What are the first words out of your mouth? If your date doesn’t offer antibacterial face wipes and saysby the way—Fido sleeps with him every night,  what’s your next move?  * Well, I am a huge dog lover, so it would actually make me like the man more perhaps. The first words out of my mouth would be “Well, hello!” Now, if he lets the dog poop all over the house and his bed looks like it's wearing a fur coat, we might have other issues!
10.   In your work, regardless of genre, do you consider the environment and do you exhibit an awareness of practices that can make a difference?  It could be something as simple as motion activated lights or lights on timers.  * Sure. I think every story has to have a well thought out environment so that readers can see it in their minds and relate to it. Nothing puts readers off more than out of place items in a storyline.
11.   Do you think readers would embrace a heronot a struggling artist, sculptor or writerwho earns only a fraction of what the heroine earns?  Please explain. * Right now, that might be a hard sell. So many books these days showcase these rich, billionaire men who are super powerful. For myself, I kind of like the ordinary man that seems reachable, and I think a lot of women do as well. There is nothing wrong with a strong female lead who earns more than a man.
12.   Congratulations, your book has just been optioned by movie producer. Of course you’ll be a consultant to the casting director. Who would you chose to play your heroine?  Hero? What song would you pick for your soundtrack? And since you’ve convinced the powers to be that you must write the screenplay, what will you be wearing to the Academy Awards to accept your Oscar for best screenplay? Include jewelry! * In “Broken”, I would choose Elisha Cuthbert to play Bella and Chris Hemsworth for Grant. The song I would pick is by Holly Williams and it's called “A Good Man”. I would wear a form fitting long red gown with a big slit up the side and a plunging neckline with a simple diamond necklace... and maybe a tiara. :)

Rachel will be awarding a $25 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Follow along and visit each tour stop to increase your chances to win. The following link will take you to all of Rachel's tour dates.


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